Billetterie Bar Trench

The Trench – A special guest bar straight from Japan


Nestled in the heart of Cocktail Street you’ll find a special treat direct from Tokyo, with a just dozen places reserved at its bar for the lucky chosen few*


What is this remarkable treasure? None other than The Trench, one of Asia’s most promising new bars, recreated in Paris solely for the duration of Cocktail Street. Its iconic bartender Rogerio Igarashi Vae and his team will be on hand to give visitors an unforgettable experience, with perfect conditions in which to experience the art of Japanese service.


On the menu: original and exclusive creations showcasing the latest cocktail trends from Japan.


Only the Trench bar will have limited spaces so it can offer its guests an authentic experience in a more intimate atmosphere. Book your places now for a 30-minute slot at The Trench and receive a cocktail of your choice on arrival.