Experimental Cocktail Club

Experimental Cocktail Club

The Experimental Cocktail Club, or ECC to those in the know, has been invited to the 2018 edition of Cocktail Street.

Its founder, the Experimental Group, needs no introduction now that its bars in Paris (Prescription Cocktail Club, Ballroom and Beefclub), Ibiza and London have become essential destinations for cocktail aficionados.

(30 minutes tasting session / One cocktail to be choosed at the bar)

They were present in 2018

Maxime Potfer – Bar Manager


The ECC revolutionized France’s perception of cocktails in 2007. More than 10 years later, what are your views on the French mixology scene?

The French bar scene has become really exciting! We are lucky enough to have huge diversity, in terms of both products and demand.
Cocktails (in all their forms) are on a real roll and we hope to see that continue.


Since then, you have opened lots of establishments throughout the world. Do they all share a common DNA?

For me, the group’s DNA is omnipresent but at the same time somewhat intangible. I think that it is based mainly on the way we see service and our approach to hospitality.  That’s sort of our trademark in all of our locations, whether they be bars, restaurants or hotels.

Which of your various bars will be represented at Cocktail Street?

The bar staff from every one of our Parisian establishments will be represented at the event. This will give visitors to Cocktail Street a broad overview of the Experimental Cocktail Group world.

Do you have any idea what cocktail recipes will be created for Cocktail Street?

All our teams are busy creating the pop-up menu designed to showcase the best of the products of our partner brands (Nikka Whisky, Blue Coat Gin, Copper Dog Whisky, Calvados Lecompte, Bookman Rhum and Seedlip Gin). But let’s keep the details a surprise…

Will you take a bit of time to visit Whisky Live? What stands would you most like to visit? (Brands)

The stands I certainly wouldn’t want to miss include the big names like Nikka and Maison Ferrand, but also the ever-surprising Compass Box. What I love about Whisky Live Paris is the wealth of great surprises and discoveries to be made at every level.