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The Food Market®, Paris’s ever popular street food celebration

Since the first edition of Cocktail Street, eight years ago, Le Food Market® has been tasting and selecting the best of Parisian street food for the event.

Over the years, Le Food Market® has become an expert in its field, poking its fangs into just about everything that can be eaten, with fingers, forks or even baguettes… it advocates eating well, everywhere, all the time, and conveys the values of sharing and conviviality.

It’s in this spirit, and with all its expertise, that Le Food Market® takes it upon itself to select each year from among its loyal addresses and the crème de la crème of what’s new, the very best in street food in the capital.

This year, Whisky Live celebrates its 20th anniversary, and Cocktail Street, a festival within a festival, has a new team of all-star restaurateurs behind the stoves to delight Cocktail Street participants. A merry band of event aficionados who know how to delight with varied and complementary offerings. On the menu: gourmet delights and comfort foods, all delicious proposals to accompany cocktails.


Credits : Claire Buisson

Since 2011, Blend has been exploring burger culture around the world to reinterpret mythical recipes with rare ingredients, produced by passionate artisan friends and share with as many people as possible its vision of burgerness*.

*Burgerness (n,f): Cult dedicated to the gourmet burger at Blend. Expertise that consists in selecting the best products for the realization of its hamburgers.

In this new address of the passage des Panoramas, Tamir Nahmias offers his version of the classics of Middle Eastern street food: Shawarma on a spit (horizontal) of lamb and chicken prepared homemade and marinated in yogurt, spices, garlic and lemon then roasted over a wood fire, served with white sauces and amba, fresh vegetables and pickles and herb mix. The pita with golden falafel, garnished with seasonal vegetables, mix of herbs and sauces.

The spit is horizontal for a less fatty and lighter cooking. All fresh, crunchy and cooked with the authentic taste of cooking over a wood fire.

Tripletta is a family that infuses its bonhommie and love of the product, in its restaurants, as in its recipes, but it is also THE reference of Neapolitan pizza in Paris.

Margarita with extra soul, oven that never goes out, Neapolitan red or white, perfect cooking and product of excellence, welcome to Tripletta!

Melt was born in the mind of two young French people who went to New York 10 years ago and discovered the Texan barbecue: a real culinary slap. They then decided to import the concept to France after crisscrossing Texas in search of the greatest Pitt-Masters.

Although the Texan cooking technique with oak wood remains at the heart of the concept, we discover flavors from all over the world: smoked black Angus brisket 3pm, Thai marinated chicken and smoked 4h, not to mention the pig shoulder pork sweater, smoked 12h, pulled out, served with pickles and homemade BBQ sauce.

Sonny’s is a sandwich shop that pays tribute to American culture inspired by New York streets. Authentic recipes, gourmet and above all VERY generous.

From NYC to Paris one-way starting with their famous Chopped Cheese: ground beef mixed with a mix of red peppers and caramelized onions, a good dose of melting American cheese and chilimayo sauce.

Other brands are coming

In 2015, based on an original idea by Virginie Godard, Le Food Market® was born, the first and only street food event in the streets of Paris. A « marché-cantine », it’s still going strong today.
The concept: bring together some 15 chefs and restaurateurs, from Michelin-starred restaurants to döner kebabs, from neighborhood canteens to bistronomic restaurants, 8 to 10 times a year.
The open entrance and festive atmosphere have made the boulevard de Belleville a haven for quality street food lovers.

In April 2023, Le Food Market® got a makeover. A change of identity for a change of content. More addresses, more news, more reports, more articles and just as many events.

With a wealth of experience behind them, the Food Market® team has been pounding the pavement for some time now, sharing its knowledge of street food. This expertise has been acquired by biting into just about everything you can eat with your fingers.
The result: more than a series of polished events, it’s an immersion in street food in the broadest sense of the word, stories of the street through food and vice versa.
Our mission: to pass on this culture and the tastes – all the tastes – of the street.

Le Food Market® also works hand-in-hand with various players in the gastronomy sector, whether in the creation of food events, festival curating or gourmet strategy and consulting. The Food Market® is present at every stage of culinary creation.

Enjoy without moderation!