The Food Market®, Paris’s ever popular street food celebration

Since 2015, Le Food Market brings people together around street food and sharing. An opportunity for both star chefs and local restaurants to showcase their culinary style and gastronomic culture. 


From Michelin star restaurants to döner kebab and taco stands, Le Food Market selects the best that street food has to offer for any event.

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Our mission: make the world’s best burgers. From our beef, provided by a farm in the Aisne region, to our cheddars aged 6-18 months supplied by a small operation in Somerset, England, and without forgetting our homemade sauces: nothing is left to chance. The choice of our ingredients are built upon an agricultural know-how that guarantees unique flavour and promises explosive recipes. Restoring the image of the burger, that’s our humble work.


The winning duo formed by Carlos Peñarredonda and Mads Christensen came about when they met working in the kitchens of Paris’ renowned bistro restaurants such as Le Mary Celeste, Hero and Candelaria.

After months of discussion and brainstorming, they decided to unite their strengths and launch their first independent project, inspired by their roots, their travels around the world, their culinary and gastronomic experiences, and above by all celebration and fun: BANG BANG!!!


Cot Cot is a New York inspired fast-food concept dedicated to gourmet fried chicken, offering home-made recipes made from fresh products and free-range chicken.


Yemma, chef Abdel Alaoui’s canteen.

Simple, delicious and authentic Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Moroccan street food and recipes from Alaoui’s “Yemma”.

Yemma, which is Arabic for “mummy”, is best-known for its incredible Kazdal, a sandwich rolled up in a msemem wrap filled with chicken, merguez or kofta, or sometimes even “thonthon du bled” (a lyrical wordplay on “tuna”).


In the time of the Incas, “tambo” was the name given to the inns where travellers could eat and stock up on supplies.

Hailing from Bolivia and Peru, we decided to create our own take on the typical dishes of our childhood, available both as street food (at our food truck El Coche and restaurant Tambo l’Atelier) and fine dining (via our caterer).

Our goal is to introduce everyone to our favourite flavours and specialities from the Andes.


Bao Family, a trendy take on traditional Chinese dishes 


Gros Bao is a modern yet traditional canteen that takes you on a tour of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s cuisine.

Dishes are shared in the middle of the table on a turning plateau. These include typical dishes from every culinary region of China, from Peking Duck to Sichuan Mapo Tofu, Cantonese Charsiu Bao, Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan and more… 


Recreating the flavours of times-gone-by, Yummy & Guiltfree waffles are like no others and renowned for their variety of traditional and original recipes loved by foodies and people with food intolerances alike. A healthy, fun and gluten-free concept for everyone! At Y&G, everything is home-made and prepared while-you-wait from recipes created by Chef Damien Cassart.


Parisian Artisan Creator, Glazed is an innovator in the development of creative ice cream and sorbet flavours using high quality organic and local raw materials without artificial flavouring or food coloring.

Glazed designs its palette of innovative flavours with exotic spices, rare alcohols or long-forgotten fruits and vegetables.