The Food Market

For 3 years now, the Food Market has been one of the capital’s essential street food events.


Sourcing its cuisine from small local businesses, The Food Market carefully selects chefs with an eye for quality and homemade food prepared from fresh ingredients.


With a selection of restaurants, associations, chefs and fine delicatessens from a wide range of backgrounds, every month this huge market-canteen offers visitors a tour of the world’s cuisines.


All have the common desire to share their creations in a lively, fun atmosphere open to all.


 They were present at Cocktail Street 2017

A huge fan of Kentucky bourbon and traditional Texas barbecue, Thomas creates marinated meat dishes slow-cooked in an oak smokehouse. With more than 50 choices on the menu, many of his marinades are bourbon based. His specialties: pulled pork, ribs and brisket (Black Angus beef only), with mashed potatoes, coleslaw and homemade pickles.

With a selection of seafood like this, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in Brittany. In partnership with Maison Thaëron – oyster farmers in Riec-sur-Bélon – this giant fishing hut offers delicious shellfish in a relaxed setting, rendering the traditional pricey seafood platter of brasseries a relic of the past. On the menu: mussels, cockles, clams and, of course, their famous oysters!


Burgers created in the traditional New York style, where it’s all about the food! Smoked streaky bacon, flame-grilled patties, nine-month-aged cheddar, caramelized onions and BBQ sauce homemade from a closely-guarded secret recipe, all served in a delicious soft bun, with crispy fries on the side. Paris New York has rightfully taken up the mantle as one of the best burgers in Paris!


Eaten at any time of the day in Asia, Dim Sum is a Hong Kong style dumpling stuffed with vegetables, fish or meat, wrapped in a delicate wheat or rice pastry which softens after steam-cooking in a bamboo basket. Find pork, ginger and scallions; prawns, scallops or even carrots, mushrooms, coriander, sweetcorn and chestnuts at Vapeurs Dim Sum, all prepared by hand from fresh products in the traditional, Asian street-food style.


With a passion for high-quality products and the desire to bring the true flavors of their native Corsica to Paris, the delicatessen “A la Main” and Parisian piadineria “Lo Zio” have joined forces to create Tiùgo!

On the menu of this brand new adventure: gourmet sandwiches composed of, for example, artisanal bread baked in a wood-fired stove, grilled porchetta, brocciu ewe’s cheese and Nustrale ham, with honey or homemade sauces made from a base of Maquis herbs or chestnut ketchup.


As the son of Italian importers of delicatessen products, it was only natural for Anthony to launch his own Italian catering adventure! After growing up surrounded by rounds of Grana Padano, smoked hams, vine tomatoes and treccia di scamorza, he decided to pay homage to these products by combining them in new ways, taking inspiration from the classics of Italian street food!


He will offer his crispy Arancini with Parmesan or Bolognese, as well as olive oil focaccia garnished with coppa, mortadella, pecorino, marinated vegetables, mozzarella di bufala, rocket salad or even truffle sauce…


Jean, a Taiwanese-American living in Paris, creates incredible biscuits with flavors inspired by the different countries she lives and works in. She uses the recipe for the authentic American cookie, adapting it to her needs, the season and the ebb and flow of her endless inspiration. Black Taiwanese sesame, Thai chili dark chocolate, chocolate caramel and Camargue fleur de sel; matcha tea and oat flakes; or beer and smoked chocolate… her pairings are original and sophisticated and a testament to the care she takes over the artisanal production of every one.