The Food Market®, Paris’s ever popular street food celebration

Since 2015, Le Food Market brings people together around street food and sharing. An opportunity for both star chefs and local restaurants to showcase their culinary style and gastronomic culture. 


From Michelin star restaurants to döner kebab and taco stands, Le Food Market selects the best that street food has to offer for any event.

They were present in 2019

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Burgers created in the traditional New York style, where it’s all about the food! Smoked streaky bacon, flame-grilled patties, nine-month-aged cheddar, caramelized onions and BBQ sauce homemade from a closely-guarded secret recipe, all served in a delicious soft bun, with crispy fries on the side. Paris New York has rightfully taken up the mantle as one of the best burgers in Paris!


Authentic Chinese cuisine and a star product: Shanghai bao, entirely handmade by our Bao Masters using organic flour from Île-de-France. On the menu: Shanghai-style baozi, pork, spring onions, ginger, and sautéed Shanghai-style noodles.

Gregory Marchand is one of the top names in bistronomy in Paris! He first opened Frenchie in 2009, before gradually moving into the surrounding buildings of Rue du Nil with a wine cellar, wine bar and lastly Frenchie To Go, an address dedicated to street food and the great English and American classics! As in all of his restaurants, the ingredients are meticulously selected, and the meats cooked and seasoned perfectly.

Pizza is transformed into street-food with a portafoglio (folded) and rotolò (rolled) version. This ancient culinary tradition originated in Naples and is prepared with premium quality ingredients.

From the flour to the tomatoes, mortadella, mozzarella and olive oil… We take care to meet with all the producers, since they are a major factor in the final quality of our product.


One of the great haunts of Chinese cuisine enthusiasts, La Taverne de Zhao has opened a second restaurant offering street food versions of its specialties from the Shaanxi province. Spicy stewed pork buns, platycodon salad (yes, that’s a real thing) and tahini pulled chicken, fresh wood ear mushroom and coriander salad, homemade cold noodles in a hot and spicy sauce, and of course delicious grilled chicken and chive dumplings! Take your taste buds on a round trip to the streets of Xi’an!

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At Nopal we cook with our hearts, inspired by the wonderful recipes of our grandmothers.

We take great pride in working hard in the kitchen so we can offer you the real taste of traditional Mexican cuisine. What could be better than making tacos so good that our customers are transported to Mexico!


For the Cocktail Street menu, we will be serving our famous Sausage Buckwheat Pancake!

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Need good food? Better call Saul’s! The new levantin’ sandwich specialist in Paris joins Cocktail Street. On the menu of this small canteen situated in the 9th arrondissement of Paris pita sandwiches to die for: homemade falafel, parsley, green peppers, cabbage, tomato, cucumber and hummus. You’ve been served!


Yummy & Guiltfree offers a delicious range of gluten-free “gourmet waffles”. A far cry from the common funfair waffle, these are 100% fresh and made with high-quality ingredients. In the demanding world of French gastronomy, Yummy & Guiltfree has succeeded in reinventing the traditional waffle to offer a light, healthy, gourmet treat.