Gibson Bar

Gibson Bar

 The Gibson, one of Asia’s top cocktail bars, will be reproduced to the letter for the third edition of Cocktail Street. Come and explore its stunning interior design and talk with its bartenders. A real experience that only Singapore can offer.

Gento Torigata – Manager Général / Bartender

Gento Torigata - Photo Profil

Tell us more about Gibson Bar. What makes it stand out?

Gibson is named after one of the classiest classics in the world, and is a bar that prides itself on its uncompromising quality on cocktails, hospitality, and interior design. Like the Gibson cocktail, an unusual cocktail only selected by drinkers with serious but unique tastes, we take the same approach in every way; always serious about our craft, but we’ll never take ourselves too seriously!


You have opened many different concepts. Do they all share a common DNA or would you say none of them are related?

We have 6 venues in our group, and all of them are their own distinctive concept. For example, we have Humpback, a seafood restaurant bar with a breezy Seattle feel, and right next door we have Flagship, a rock n’ roll cocktail bar focused on whiskies.


That being said, all venues are anchored by the twin pillars of convivial hospitality and the showcase of craftsmanship. Each venue’s focus remains the same at the end of the day – to be a space in the community where people find comfort, forge friendships, and share happiness.

What are your thoughts on Singapore’s current bar scene? And Asia’s?

I believe Singapore is like an international hub of the bar industry for Asia. Here, you see a great diversity in the types of bars and drinks served (e.g. there are American bars, Japanese bars, and of course native Singapore bars). Particularly in recent years, the bartenders here have also started to pay more attention to local ingredients and products.


Case in point, Gibson is just one of the bars who have begun to collaborate with Citizen Farm, an urban farm in Singapore focused on growing quality produce with minimal waste. It’s a perfect arrangement where we get fresh cream-of-the-crop produce, with the assurance that it has been farmed sustainably.

Do you already have a few new cocktail recipes in mind for the Cocktail Street?

Yes, definitely. We are excited to showcase our craft and Gibson’s innovative concept that we’ve been showing off proudly in Singapore.

We recently launched our menu in May, and the concept of this new menu is centred around regional flavours and ingredients that add a fresh dimension to the cocktails, yet are familiar to the international palate.

I’m excited to share some of these at the Cocktail Street.

Are you planning to do a thorough tour of Whisky Live while you are here? Which booth is the one not to be missed in your opinion? 

I’m definitely looking forward to touring the Whisky Live booths when I’m there. I’m most keen to check out the Clairin Rhum booth as I am a fan of French agricole rhums, and actually Clairin is one of my favourite brands.

I am looking forward to seeing new products that are not available in Singapore! I’m also looking forward to visiting the Nikka’s booth, more so to see how people would react to the Nikka Coffey products. 

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